Thursday, 6 August 2015

It's been a very long time....

.....almost four and a half years to be exact.  In those four and a half years quite a lot has changed since my last blog post. I'll try and make a long story short.  The main reason I stopped updating my blog initially was that I killed my laptop - spilt a glass of orange juice on it - and never got around to replacing it. The following year (2012) I split up with my fiance, this meant I had to sell my house, which I eventually did the following year (2013).  During this time I was still card making (when my craft room wasn't all boxed up) but mainly on a need-to basis for cards to give to friends and family [have to confess that during this time I did actually purchase a couple of cards too - the shame!]. My beloved pet rabbit also died earlier this year at the grand age of nearly 9 - for the last few years he had been living indoors in my craft room and after he passed away I foubd it very hard to go in the room for a couple of months.

Anyway, fast-forward to August  2015 and I am now settled in a new house with a new craft room - I got myself a new desk earlier this year, had a good organise of my stash and am now more full of enthusiasm for card making than I have been probably since I first began about 10 years ago!! Much of my card making is still just to give to friends and family.  However,I am currently building up a stash of cards to sell at a MacMillan Coffee Morning in September (we sold some at the one I did last year with my Mum and sister and they went down really well) and I am also planning on opening an Etsy shop to sell some cards on too - I am not expecting to sell a lot from this and know there is a lot of competition out there but thought I would give it a go as it won't cost anything to get set up etc; I just need to get a few more cards done that I am happy enough with to put on there and get them up - hopefully by the end of the month. I am also intending on keeping my blog updated (heard that before?!) at least on a weekly basis - it has taken me quite a while to jump through all of Google's 'forgotten password' hoops for this account too. I did think about starting a new blog rather than resurrecting this one but there are some cards on my previous posts that I really like, pus the name of this one fits,so I thought I'd keep it going,  I'll probably put another post on soon with some of the cards I have done recently.  And probably a picture of my new desk as I do love it!!

I'm not sure if I've even got any followers anymore but if I have and you read this - thanks!

Right, I'd better go and update my 'about me' now as it still says I'm 29... (I wish)

Gem xxx  


  1. Welcome back to blogging Gemma....hope we'll be seeing more of your gorgeous cards soon xx